About us

Our Story

We founded YOLO Cowork for people just like us: curious, enthusiastic, sociable dreamers and entrepreneurs. YOLO is an abbreviation for: you only live once, also an expression of the view that one should make the most out of the present moment without worrying about the future. People who want to focus on creating great, innovative products and businesses without worrying about rent, electricity or running out of coffee. YOLO Cowork would be the best place for your startups or businesses to grow and flourish, making the most out of it.


Our coworking space offers everything you need in order to get started: meeting rooms, comfortable workstations, networking opportunities and, needless to say, snacks and drinks. Our community’s members all share a common belief that creativity and innovation would bring a better society to Hong Kong.


Our Values


Social responsibility





Our Team

Our mission does not just limit to providing a comfortable space for our members to work, but also a home for them. We believe in individuals’ uniqueness and capability. Although we might not have the best facilities in the market but we will definitely try our best to meet our clients’ needs. We need more and more enthusiastic and energetic people to join our team and create a better community.

Our community players

Operation Director - Toby Jong

``Think Big, Start Small, Act Now``

Marketing Director - Vocelyn You

``Make Every Single Work Unique, Meaningful and Real``

Want to know more our services??

會員: $80/小時
非會員: $150/小時

會員: $80/小時
非會員: $150/小時
Casual Meeting Room
Member: $80/hr
Non-member: $150/hr

Formal Meeting Room
Member: $80/hr
Non-member: $150/hr